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Mr. & Mrs. Carty


"I have been a client of LawnFX for three years and consistently receive exceptional service. They are professional, efficient, and very accommodating. The owner, Joanna, is a pleasure to deal with and was extreme patient during the planning process. She was able to design and integrate a backyard oasis that flows perfectly and is functional and easy to maintain. I would fully recommend Lawn FX to anyone seeking professional landscaping."


Greely, Ottawa

"I completely recommend LawnFX for all your lawn and landscaping needs. I have been using their services for several years now, and I have never been disappointed in either the quality of the work or the amount I've paid.


They are dedicated and professional, and are not interested in doing something simply so they can charge you for it. Instead, they work carefully with you and together you decide on the best approach for your yard. This is how a business like this should be run. Lawn FX is easily the best lawn and landscaping company and it would be a mistake not to hire them as soon as possible."


Riverside South, Ottawa

"I've been a client of LawnFX since 2014. I have a busy home with 2 dogs and little ones about - that means my lawn maintenance includes dodging toys, play structures and making sure the yard is secure when they are done. LawnFX has never failed to impress me. Everything is tidy, prompt, and secure. Many of my neighbours have noticed and signed up as clients too."


Metcalfe, Ottawa

"We absolutely love LawnFX and would highly recommend them to anyone! Our grass looks stunning all summer long and we don't have to lift a finger. It gives us the opportunity to actually enjoy those beautiful summer days with peace of mind."


Greely, Ottawa

"I can't say enough good thing about LawnFX. We have been proud customers for 3 seasons and the lawn and landscaping has never looked better. It's always nice to return home to a well maintained front and back yard. The shrubs were neatly trimmed, the lawn looked great, no weeds, and the driveway and patio were blown clean.


I really like Joanna's professionalism and expertise. Her workers are competent and have never left the yard in anything less than impeccable shape. I highly recommend LawnFX to anyone that believes that having a nice home on the inside is as important as having a nice home on the outside. If you're looking for a company you can rely on to do a great job with complete peace-of-mind then I highly recommend LawnFX."

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